Inside Out works hand in hand with engineering offices and building contractors to serve private individuals, companies and real estate developers as the complementarity between architects and an interior architects, it’s the coherence in the concept, the drawings and the quality of execution.



Interior Design
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In 1998, the architectural firm A.C.O, Architectural Concept Office was created by Pierre Bogaert, Interior Architect, and Jacques Mouvet (rue des trois sergents 15 6142 Leernes +32 477 25 73 85, Architect. Active until 2011 ACO specialized in the housing sector and has completed numerous projects, both new buildings and renovation. In 2012, ACO became Inside Out. This new association was composed of Pierre Bogaert, Interior Architect, Valerie Janne, Architect and Sophie Bogaert, Architect.
Today, Pierre Bogaert and his daughter Sophie Bogaert work together with contributors.